Discus weight differs for male & female players

Published: 05th October 2010
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Discus is one of the most important games in track and field events. It is a sport in which a contender throws a heavy weight called discus. Discus throw is one of the games that were a part of the original Olympics sports which has taken place in 776 B.C. In the earlier period disc was prepared of iron and formless bronze. It was also rewarded to the winner. This is a common event that mostly presented at the entire levels of track & field forum. It is one of the most distinctive games of Olympic sports. Even though male & female can play this game but the disc weight differs for both the gender.

If men are going to participate in the event then the disc weight will be of 2 kilograms and the dimension will be of 220 mm otherwise 8.66 inches. On the contrary, when it is a women event, weight will be of 1 kg along with a dimension of 181 mm or 7.17 inches. As said "Practice makes men perfect"! Each & every sports must need regular practice. Discus throw is a popular event and it requires regular practice to become a professional athlete. You can start practicing of this particular event once you cross the age of 10 years. Even though sides of the discus are usually made out of rubber, synthetic and wood, but it is not easy to throw.

All the participators try their best and attempt to throw far away from the distance that his or her opponents have crossed. The disc is a heavy object that to be thrown and its shape will be like a biconvex lens which is having two convex faces. Let us see few points before choosing it:

-> Player’s preference and choices are varied based on the throwers. You have to choose the right size and weight as well as manufacturing substance.

-> It is good to know your weight because the entire burden will change based on your gender and age.

-> While male has a surplus of choices, female always throw a disc of 1Kg. A male under 14 will throw 1Kg weight, ages group of 15-18 throw 1.6Kg weight and college going male will throw 2Kg.

-> As discus is prepared with rubber, compound plastic or wood, you have to always pick up the right material.

-> Discus that is manufactured with rubber is generally good for practice, hence beginners can choose it. The wooden material come to the next level and the composite plastic incorporates the most superior level.

-> The more experienced thrower will choose to have the heavier edge.

-> A thrower should not only concern the weight of the overall disc because edge weight influences the whole spin of it. If the thrower is more advanced, the more weight should be moved to the rim.

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